It is good practice whether you are a small business or larger company to regularly review your social media.  It’s an ideal opportunity to see what is working for you, what isn’t and to make sure you haven’t fallen into any social media bad habits you should avoid. Most businesses at some point or another have found that without realising it they have simply drifted into some unhelpful ways.

Are you guilty of any of these social media bad habits?

1. You don’t have a goal.  

It is important to know what it is you are trying to achieve with your social media activity. Why are you on each social network?  If, for example your goal is to drive visitors to your website, then do you regularly review your progress and prioritise the actions  that are driving web traffic e.g blogging regularly and including links in your social media updates

2. You are disorganised.

Do you find yourself staring at the screen and not knowing what to post ?  Do you find it is too easy to lose hours on social media? Creating a social media calendar and setting a daily schedule of how long you will be on social media and sticking to it will help you stay more focused.  A calendar has the added benefit of ensuring that you are posting updates in line with your goals and business objectives.  If you need help getting started then you can download our free social media calendar template.

3. You’re obsessed with numbers.

The number of fans or followers you have is much less important than the quality of those fans. It is better to have fewer but engaged followers than to have a large number of fans who aren’t interested in what you are posting and are  going to be less likely to comment, share or re-tweet.  A red button with the word oops written in white - Jelliboo

4. You haven’t integrated your social media.

Is your social media effort isolated or is it an integrated part of your marketing activity?  If, for example, you are using email marketing, do you use any of the following tools?

  • Include social media icons in your emails
  • Have an email opt-in form on Facebook
  • Mention and promote email sign ups via your social networks
  • Include “Re-tweet” this” in your emails

5. You are everywhere.

When you hear about a new social media network, it is tempting to want to rush out, open an account and have a presence on every social platform. However, if your existing or potential clients are unlikely to be there then you are wasting the time and effort required to maintain a presence. Rather, think about the channels where your customers are going to be active and spend more time there instead.

Have you found yourself slipping into any of the social media bad habits above? Let us know if we’ve missed any out that you’re guilty of committing.