Do you keep hearing about the benefits of social media but have still not dipped your toe into its murky waters? Read our ten reasons why you should invest in social media management for your business!

  1. Your marketing budget is low and you cannot afford to invest heavily in lead generating events or advertising.
  2.  You know your competitors are using social media.
  3. You do not have a dedicated Customer Service department but want to respond efficiently to your customer base.
  4. Your time is short and so attending time-enveloping networking events is something you would love to do but rarely get the chance.
  5. You want to be able to reach your customers even when you are not actively trying to reach them.
  6. You want to say to the world that your brand is current, active and available.
  7. You want to create a marketing funnel which is always working for your organisation, even after you have stepped away from your computer.
  8. You want to spread awareness of your brand and create a familiar, friendly, go-to persona in the marketplace.
  9. You understand the marketing Rule of Seven, but are struggling to achieve that with your current methods.
  10. You want to find a flexible marketing solution that can fit to your needs and budget spend.

Social media management does not have to mean a huge spend, Jelliboo can tailor a service to meet your needs and budget! If any of the reasons above felt familiar to you, why not get in touch today for an informal chat and some ideas to help your business or organisation?

Jelliboo work with individual clients and businesses of all sizes from SMEs to Corporates across the whole of the UK.  With an office in Epsom, Surrey and another one in Cheshire we are well placed to meet with clients wherever they are based. So if you’re in London and looking to educate your organisation or sales team on how to increase turnover through using LinkedIn, in Manchester and want to understand Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, or in Birmingham and want to rebrand and raise your online profile,  then do give us a call 01372 741330, we’ll be delighted to help.